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White Gloss Island Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: High Gloss Lacquer
  • Layout: Island
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: White high gloss lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: White high gloss lacquer
  • Tall Doors: Grey high gloss lacquer
  • Island Finish: White high gloss lacquer
  • Location: Oxford

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

The client initially called saying she had been trying to get a number of local kitchen companies to produce a design for her very large room space. She had no success for over a year and a half, and felt all the designs she had seen were uninteresting and uninspiring. This was a really nice brief to be given because it gave us an opportunity to excel in coming up with something really exciting for her!

The room is very large, within a building dating back to 1516 which used to be a priory. Whilst not visible in the images, the kitchen is located within a quarter of the full room-space. The brief was to incorporate a kitchen that was of good proportions and didn’t look out of place. It also required ample storage, a wine cooler, plenty of space for preparing and cooking food, cleaning-up, as well as allowing for any other typical kitchen uses.

The Layout:

This kitchen was really interesting. The room started off completely plain and empty. In fact, the day we first visited there were no floorboards, meaning we had to measure up the space whilst balancing on joints etc. The room was extremely high and there was no specific or obvious area within which to site the kitchen. So we came up with the idea of putting in a bulkhead across the top of all the units and putting in a nice white pillar to the left-hand side (which didn’t currently exist). The client liked this idea and it was effective in smoothly blending the kitchen with the rest of the room space.

The Island:

The kitchen island was designed in such a way that we had different areas for carrying out different tasks. By this I mean the areas were zoned, and they were zoned through different levels and heights; there is one level for the cooking area, one level for the cleaning-up area, one level for food preparation, and another level for people sitting at a breakfast bar – to do what you do at a breakfast bar, such as have a cup of coffee, a glass of wine…or eat breakfast!

Within the island we included plenty of drawers, as well as the dishwasher. We located this on the face-side of the island and next to the sink so any dishes could be quickly and easily rinsed before being loaded, and without risk of spilling food residue onto the floor.

Part of the island feature was the blend of different worktop options, including two chunky worktops; one where the sink is and the other where the food preparation area is. There is a thinner worktop where the hob is located, and a different thickness again for the breakfast bar. This technique adds interest but without using losing lots of different colours. We also included some plinth lights for further interest and to create a soft ambiance at night.

The Units:

The client had a big requirement for refrigeration, largely as they told us they like to entertain. To this end we included a super-size fridge, 760mm wide, with a separate matching freezer. This allowed ice and water through the door in the freezer part of the cooling apparatus. We also put in a large under-counter wine cooler so that drinks would not take up valuable space in the fridge.

Kitchen Storage:

You wouldn’t want a big sprawling kitchen in an open-plan room, so the layout of the kitchen presupposed it be kept as a neat and tidy space. There was a lot of storage to consider, and as a result we decided upon one big larder just for crockery, and another for food-storage. This latter unit was a tandem larder which swings open when you pull it, revealing a storage basket that travels back and forth. We also introduced a unit for storing vegetables, with a vegetable-rack, as well as internal drawers for organising and separating different food items. Additionally, we included a pull-out larder to the right of the fridge.

Client Verdict:

The client was really, really pleased with the overall look of everything. It was also a lovely project to work on, and especially as it gave the opportunity for us to come up with something really quite different, that fully met all of the clients expectations and needs