Kitchen project notes

The Challenge:

This client wanted to replace their existing kitchen and specified something ‘modern and a bit funky!’ They were open to ideas but keen to ensure a clean, clutter-free kitchen look. Storage options, including a broom cupboard were a ‘must’ as storage had been in short supply within their previous kitchen. If possible, the clients also wanted to include some seating so their children had the opportunity to join them in the same room whilst they prepared meals (rather than always next door in the TV room as had been the case with the previous set up).

The Design / Solution:


The clients chose the blue LED feature lights, including the lit glazed shelf early on in the planning process, and for these to create maximum impact on the room a white kitchen finish was the best option. In turn a gloss finish would reflect the lights further enhancing the desired effect. Any other colour choice may have appeared too ‘busy’ in combination with the blue LEDs.

The layout:

The wall cupboard nearest the window houses the same boiler from the previous kitchen design, with boxing beneath for the associated pipes. As the clients had no wish to move this, it became the starting point for the new kitchen layout. This wall also had a projection within the left hand side of the wall which reduced the kitchen’s depth. The uneven shape was accommodated with reduced depth base units, and glass shelving was the ideal solution on the upper wall space to balance the look. This shelving was also in direct eye line when entering the room so the perfect site for the feature LED lights to draw attention.

Working Kitchen Zone:

This small U-Shaped kitchen design creates a smooth working flow through the different work zones. The integrated fridge/freezer stands side by side with the oven, with an adjacent food preparation area, and sink conveniently located next to this. Even with the hob on the opposite run, all of the kitchen prep and cooking sites are at a safe distance from the breakfast bar seating so don’t pose any danger to either the persons sitting down or else standing up to cook. The inclusion of the breakfast bar makes for a more sociable setting, as per the clients request.

Kitchen storage

There are a multitude of clever storage options within this kitchen, including a Le mans corner unit, roller tambour unit, and a tall kitchen larder unit with the shelves removed so it could be specifically used as a broom cupboard. The storage options ensure the clients can easily keep their kitchen tidy and looking as good as new! This kitchen design also includes a number of smaller kitchen storage solutions including a 3-armed tea towel holder and hook rail for the broom cupboard, a sextuplet waste separator beneath the sink, cutlery inserts and anti-slip mats for the pull out drawers.

Kitchen Lighting:

The client wanted to include accent lighting for the design but they were also keen to ensure the blue LED lighting was an accessory that could be switched on and off separately from the main kitchen lights. For this, we first ensured there was sufficient illumination from the ceiling and task lighting within the room without the blue LED lights. These were later added as an accent. We knew the blue lights would have quite a big impact so we included this within the shelf lighting and balanced the look with plinth lighting; anything more would have proved too overpowering.

Client verdict

The lights are attention-grabbing and this was the first thing the clients commented on when the kitchen was finished, but all of the family loved the ‘cool’ look these added to their new kitchen, saying they created a look that was still warm and homely, but with a contemporary twist. With separate kitchen and living room the family were also really pleased with the inclusion of a breakfast bar that gave them more chance to spend time in the same room, whereas before the kids has always tended to be in the living room whilst Mum and/or Dad was busy in the kitchen.