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White U-Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: High Gloss Lacquer
  • Layout: U-Shaped
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: White high gloss lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: White high gloss lacquer
  • Tall Doors: White high gloss lacquer
  • Appliances: Neff
  • Worktop: White Corian 38mm
  • Glass: Full glass splashback
  • Location: Greenwich

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

The starting point of this kitchen design was an intended w1000mm x h700mm fish tank sunk into the wall. This was a bespoke kitchen feature the client had already chosen by the time of meeting me, and they requested we design the kitchen with a clear space around the fish tank site, to ensure it would stand out.
Secondly, as this was not an open plan kitchen it was important for the client that their new kitchen layout included some seating. They were a couple, and wanted the opportunity to both be comfortably present in the kitchen at the same time, even when only one of them was cooking.
Lastly the clients wanted to include sufficient storage options for easily keeping the kitchen tidy and clutter-free.

The Layout:

A U-shaped kitchen layout appeared the best option for making efficient use of the space whilst leaving clearance around the site of the fish tank. The absence of wall units near the fish tank also prevented the kitchen from feeling enclosed or ‘boxy.’ This U-shaped kitchen layout provided sufficient space for setting up distinct and efficient kitchen working zones including a food prep zone, cooking zone and washing up zone. A breakfast bar area with seating (as specified by the client) was also included by the fish tank so they could fully appreciate this feature whilst seated here.

The Units:

With the fish tank intended as a feature, white kitchen units were proposed so as not to clash or else divert attention from this. A lack of windows meant there was no natural lighting so we included strip lighting above the wall units, numerous spot lights, and a gloss kitchen finish to benefit from these, enhancing the room to its fullest potential. The client was keen to enliven the all-white kitchen look and continued their aquatic theme with the inclusion of a bold, blue full-glass splashback throughout the kitchen.

Kitchen Storage:

U shaped kitchens allow plentiful worksurface including worktop space on both sides of the kitchen. This was the case here, as well as an abundance of storage solutions including multiple pan drawers, a warming drawer, a corner unit with carousel on one side and le mans corner unit on the other. Corner spaces can sometimes be wasted in U-shaped kitchens so these solutions were put in place as space-savers to avoid this. A tambour unit was also integrated within the design, the ideal spot for storing a kettle or toaster, and allowing an easy means for tidying goods away when in a hurry!

Food Preparation:

Undercabinet lighting ensures a comfortable and bright enough space for cooking with sink to the left hand side, hob to the right, and fridge and oven within easy reach at only the spin of a heel. This creates an efficient kitchen workflow.
The indent allows for the comfortable and safe passage of different kitchen users, and an overhang breakfast bar at the near end of the kitchen by the door, can have stools fitted at it where family or guests can perch, close enough to talk to but clear of the working kitchen area.

Client Verdict:

With a separate kitchen and dining area, the client said the kitchen was never somewhere they previously spend a great deal of time but this has completely changed. Whether for eating at, working at the laptop, or simply having a chat whilst cooking, it has become a really lovely place to sit at, and they find watching the fish really enjoyable and relaxing.