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White with Blackberry Glass Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Glass and Lacquer
  • Layout: Island
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: White gloss lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: White gloss lacquer
  • Tall Doors: Blackberry gloss glass
  • Island Finish: White gloss lacquer
  • Worktop: Arenastone blue stelline quartz 30mm
  • Glass: Full glass splashback
  • Location: Kingston

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

From the very beginning of this project the client had a clear vision of their intended kitchen as a sleek, modern high gloss installation that included the Blackberry Glass kitchen door, as well as their pre-chosen appliances and lastly a retractable tambour unit. All requests seemed straightforward except for the additional challenge of incorporating a tall pillar within the design; this stood from floor to ceiling within the centre of the room and the client hoped for us to seamlessly blend this into the design so it didn’t stand alone and detract attention from the rest of the kitchen.

The Design/Solution:

As the clients had already decided on the Blackberry Design glass, this option became a driving force towards both the gloss glass finish as well as the white gloss lacquer for the other units as they complimented it so perfectly. The Blackberry Glass option was faultless in achieving the client’s ambition of a sleek and modern kitchen as its deep lustre and highly reflective quality, aided by the natural light flowing in from x3 overhead skylights, so effortlessly projected elegance and sophistication. This was further heightened through the clients desire for a continuous flow of drawers across the white gloss run (beneath the hob) in order to create a balanced and somewhat symmetrical appearance.

The Layout:

The original space within this family home had been made enlarged via a single storey extension to the rear of the house, creating a large new space in which to install a new kitchen. The new space predisposed that the most suitable layout would be an L Shaped kitchen, and having already received a list of intended appliances the next step was to work out where best to locate them.

The Island:

The remaining appliance specified was a second integrated fridge and this model fitted neatly into the newly formed kitchen island. The island was a very striking feature and more so as the client had requested the worktop contain no joints but instead desired a single, seamless piece of worktop, overhanging on two of the sides to create a stylish new breakfast bar area. Having achieved this, the other purpose of the kitchen island was for it to incorporate the pillar that the client had requested be disguised from plain sight. This was achieved through forming a small notch within the pillar so that one corner of the island worksurface could be slotted into this newly formed groove, effectively unifying the two structures so they appeared as one single formation.

The island also housed symmetrical pan drawers either side of the integrated fridge to fulfil storage requirements. Other storage options were provided via the white high gloss lacquer wall units, as well as a pull out larder, a Le Mans corner unit to the left hand side of the sink and a pull-out bin on the other side. Last but not least was the full length tambour unit that was included as per the client’s request, and which so effectively provided storage for the frequently used kitchen items, ensuring they were easily accessible but without cluttering up the work surface area.

The Units:

To keep the streamlined elegant appearance of the kitchen intact it was decided that the best option for the appliances would be to make them integrated and for the most part hide them from view. With this in mind the tall bank of blackberry glass units was designed to house an integrated wine fridge, a fridge-freezer, and a combination oven and microwave. The induction hob, extractor, integrated dishwasher and sink and tap were then implemented within the bank of white high gloss lacquer units.

Client Verdict:

The client really appreciated the rich colour of the blackberry gloss glass and how well this contrasted against the white gloss lacquer to create a truly dynamic kitchen, which was at the same time bright, spacious and extremely functional.