Black Oak Rough Cut Kitchens

Dark and dramatic, the Black Oak wood kitchen door exudes all of the quality, luxury and elegance that you would expect from a rich timber, making a big impression on the home. Within the cross cut kitchen finish, the Black Oak kitchen’s rough and textured wood grain beautifully exemplifies the natural character of wood, whilst producing an unwavering and balanced solidity for the kitchen space. The Black Oak rough cut kitchen is a largely popular choice for spacious modern kitchens, or else an excellent complement for other furniture styles and colours. For example, a classic black and white colour combination including clean white worktops looks effortlessly stylish, appealing for its fresh and timeless sophistication. Light woods and other pale colour tones including a cream or Ocean blue gloss lacquer will typically soften this kitchen look. Alternatively accents of wine red, or cashmere can have a more pronounced and arresting effect.

The Black Oak real wood kitchen is only available in a rough cut kitchen finish, but with a choice of either a flat or planked wood kitchen door. Please contact us for further details.