Silver Oak Rough Cut Kitchens

The Silver Oak rough cut wood kitchen is simply magnificent! It is modern in appearance with a beautifully textured, silver grey wood grained surface. This draws the eye, but also ensures any house guests will be keen to run their fingers over the lightly ridged, rough-cut finish! The Silver Oak door is a feature in itself, and beautifully accented with muted, softer tones such as white or pale blue that will allow it to fully stand out.

But colour tones and finishes such as grey gloss, stainless steel or mirrored glass also work perfectly with this finish. They can effect a kitchen look that is industrious, yet rich and luxurious at the same time. In addition, or as an alternative option, a single accent tone such as a vibrant red splashback brings a new dynamic; this can really heighten the Silver Oak wood kitchen’s chic and contemporary feel.

The Silver Oak rough cut kitchen door is available within either a flat or planked kitchen door option. Please contact us for further information on this, or any other kitchens within our collections.