Shaker Kitchens

In recent years LWK London have experienced a sharp increase in demand for our beautiful Shaker kitchen doors. Defined by its simple recessed panel and void of unnecessary adornments, these doors offer a simplicity of both function and form. With this comes a highly versatile nature, enabling our expert designers to cultivate a kitchen which perfectly reflects your individual tastes. This might be a traditional wood country Shaker door, or else one of our many colourful Shaker offerings, achieving a more contemporary take on this typically classic style. Please browse the various Shaker kitchen colours and finishes that LWK have to offer:

Modern Shaker Kitchens

At LWK London our Shaker kitchen doors are specifically designed to complement the Victorian and Edwardian architecture prevalent in so many London properties. Yet for modern as well as traditional settings our continually evolving range of design accents truly enhance its versatility. This includes decorative handles, accessories, as well as a growing colour palette. Any, or all, of these beautiful design features makes it easy to harmonise modern and traditional elements together within one space.