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Stone Kitchens

Stone kitchen doors mark a beautiful new addition to our existing range of kitchen finishes. Each door within the new stone kitchen collection is richly textured, exuding a rough and grainy surface quality that appeals as much to the touch as to the eye. And in keeping with 2015’s inclination for layering different textures within design, the new stone kitchen finishes work extremely well in unison with other kitchen tones, textures and materials. This ensures you can create an exquisite yet highly individual kitchen look.

Real Stone Kitchens

New for 2015, LWK Kitchens are delighted to offer the striking real stone kitchen finish! Available in the chic handleless kitchen style, this finish will make a tastefully dramatic impact on the home! This is largely attributed to the highly luxurious look of the heavily textured door fronts, and yet you have to touch the door’s surface to fully appreciate the coarse stone quality and rippling matt texture.  But the real surprise of this door is that it is crafted from real slate! …Based on this revelation you might assume the real stone kitchen door is dense and heavy. On the contrary, the slate surface has been cut to a thickness of only a few millimetres. This makes it lightweight and ensures cupboards and drawers can be opened with ease. At the same time the back of the slate is reinforced with fibreglass for strength and durability, then adhered to a wood substrate, and finally sealed to finish the door. The end result of this sophisticated manufacturing process is an outstanding and unique kitchen finish, highly appreciable in appearance, whilst functional and practical for everyday use.

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Stone Effect Kitchens

As the name suggests stone effect kitchen finishes are not engineered from real stone. Representing a stylish but less costly option, our new stone effect kitchen doors are instead expertly manufactured from laminate to recreate the stunning look, texture and feel of a natural stone product. The end result is a door which is striking in appearance whilst highly practical in its nature. The stone effect kitchen finish is impressive by itself but also ideal if you wish to blend contrasting textured surfaces within your kitchen setting. This is a popular design choice for 2015 and ideal for creating a highly personalised, statement kitchen design.

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