• Modern wood kitchen island with contrasting white gloss finish
    Modern wood kitchen island with contrasting white gloss finish
  • Platinum Oak planked kitchen
    Platinum Oak planked kitchen
  • Beige grey traditional wooden country kitchen
    Beige grey traditional wooden country kitchen
  • Painted wood country kitchen
    Painted wood country kitchen
  • Grey Acacia wood kitchen island with floating island effect
    Grey Acacia wood kitchen island with floating island effect
  • Cream painted traditional kitchen
    Cream painted traditional kitchen
  • Dark Terra Oak island kitchen design
    Terra Oak wood laminate kitchen finish
  • Cream country  kitchen design
    Cream country kitchen design
  • Grey ash lacquer traditional kitchen
    Grey ash lacquer traditional kitchen
  • Black Oak real wood kitchen design
    Black Oak real wood kitchen design
  • Maritime Pine Real wood kitchen wall units
    Maritime Pine Real wood kitchen wall units
  • Modern Grey Acacia wood-effect kitchen design
    Modern Grey Acacia wood-effect kitchen design
  • Modern Terra Oak real wood kitchen finish
    Modern Terra Oak real wood kitchen finish

Wood Kitchens

  • Renovation and Home Design
  • Renovation and Home Design
  • Renovation and Home Design
  • Renovation and Home Design
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With its assuring warmth and available in a multitude of tones, textures and grains, wood kitchen finishes make an excellent choice for the home. Whilst entirely different in look, this is as true for traditional wood kitchens as for modern and contemporary wood kitchen styles. LWK Kitchens have an extensive range of wood kitchen finishes to suit all different spaces, tastes and budgets. Whether for a country property or contemporary home extension, by itself or in a multi tone arrangement, we can help you achieve the wood kitchen look that is just right for you. We know exactly which wood kitchen finishes will produce the look you want to achieve. We understand which grains add character, and which colour tones will dominate or else effect a more understated look. We also fully understand which styles will beautifully compliment other furniture materials and colours within the home.

Modern Wood Kitchens

Modern wood kitchen doors typically have a flat yet textured surface finish. This produces an entirely different look from a traditional County or Shaker wood kitchen door. Along with their stylish and contemporary appearance, modern wood kitchen furniture brings character, definition and an appreciable solidity into any kitchen setting. What’s more a highly versatile nature means these doors can be successfully blended with other kitchen colours, styles and textures. For kitchen design this ensures a wide range of possible kitchen looks, which can be perfectly tailored to suit the needs and preferences of the homeowner. LWK Kitchens have modern wood kitchen doors available in real wood, gloss real wood, rough cut and wood effect kitchen finishes:

Modern Real Wood Kitchens

As one of nature's most indelible, beautiful and tough materials, a solid modern wood veneer makes for a stunning and timeless kitchen design. A kitchen made entirely from a modern real wood finish carries a hard to beat air of stylish quality and opulence. Alternatively, you might combine a solid, light timber like the Light Wild Oak with contrasting materials and colours, such as a smooth white gloss laminate door. Such popular blends are simultaneously eye-catching yet elegant!

For maximum stability, strength and durability, our modern solid wood kitchens are sourced from the finest raw materials. Second to this, they undergo a sophisticated and carefully crafted manufacture process; this ensures these solid wood units, complete with their rich, warm and tactile surfaces, make for high quality and long-lasting kitchens.

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Modern Wood Effect Kitchens

A cost-effective option, our wood-effect, or matt wood laminate kitchen range optimises the high-quality associations of a wood kitchen whilst minimising the price. This finish closely resembles the natural appearance of wood for a warm, stylish and enjoyable living space. Available in nine sublime wood effect finishes, our wood laminate kitchen doors make a fantastic addition for the home. These doors also have a highly versatile quality, ensuring a perfect fit when combined with other finishes and styles. For example the pale Light Acacia wood effect door is exquisite combined with a gloss white kitchen finish. Alternatively the dark Terra oak wood laminate in unison with a rich Basalt grey tone is equally magnificent.

The wood effect kitchen door is engineered by pressing a pre-finished, textured laminate onto a synthetic core substrate. These layers are then pressed and adhered together using PUR-bonding technology, which is both water and heat resistant. This protects the doors, ensuring they are suitable and durable throughout everyday kitchen use.

Wood matt laminate kitchens are available in a rough cut or traditional Shaker door.

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Modern Rough Cut Kitchens

Appealing to the touch as much as the eye, the distinct rough cut, or cross-cut kitchen finish is coarser than other wood grained kitchen doors. Certainly not enough to cause splinters or snag clothing, but instead the lightly rough cut doors exude charm and character. The coarse wood kitchen effect is created using sophisticated cutting tools. These saw across the wood grain in both directions, producing a richly textured, rough-sawn look. The doors have an unfinished and somewhat rustic feel, yet are very modern and stylish in appearance. Either by itself within a kitchen design or else with contrasting tones and finishes, the rough cut kitchen finish is highly compelling and sure to impress. It is also hard-wearing, robust and a practical option for everyday kitchen use.

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Traditional Wood Kitchens

Clients tell us when they think of wood kitchens it is often the traditional Shaker, or Country kitchen look that first springs to mind. Whether a rich dark Oak, painted wood kitchen, or else warm and comforting rustic tones, traditional wood kitchens are defined by their details. This typically includes framed doors or panelled woods which add depth to the setting. Further embellishments frequently include intricate cornices, pelmets, balustrades and flying shelves over windows. Such details layered together ensure traditional wood kitchens go the full distance, making an undeniably beautiful addition for any home.

Traditional Painted Wood Kitchens

Traditional painted veneer kitchen units exude the same look as traditional real wood kitchen doors, including the same grain patterns. However they have painted door fronts, available in a vast choice of colours. This allows homeowners to achieve the exact look and feel they desire for their home. Opt for the Cream or Saffron Yellow painted veneer to create a warm, rustic, welcoming atmosphere. Alternatively, the Crimson red wood kitchen door offers a traditional sense of luxury via its intense yet majestic colour tone. Or why not create a contemporary design rooted in country house style? This might include the Agate Blue painted wood door with a modern Cornwall Oak wood finish. With over eleven different hues to choose from within our collection of painted wood doors, you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

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Traditional Wood Effect Kitchens

The traditional wood-effect kitchen doors replicate the appreciable look of real wood traditional kitchen doors. Whilst a close resemblance, these doors are instead engineered from a laminate finish. This makes them a much more cost-effective option for this kitchen style. Instead of real wood, the wood-effect doors are manufactured by pressing a wood-look laminate over a pre-machined synthetic core and adhering the layers together. The doors are expressly designed to prevent delamination of the foil from the substrate, and have tightly sealed edges that prevent any moisture ingress (from steam) into the door.

The end result is a long-lasting, hard wearing finish. And the quality of our traditional wood-look laminate kitchens is such that many of our clients can't tell the difference between these and our more expensive doors.

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Traditional Real Oak Kitchens

A quintessentially English heritage kitchen, the traditional Real Oak kitchen design originates from Victorian times. Oak kitchens are synonymous with a sophisticated feel, and in present day the shape and style of this long-established kitchen door remains. Within our collection it is identical to the traditional painted wood doors, although made from Oak rather than Ash, and the surface of the traditional real oak isn’t painted. This kitchen finish is still as traditional in style as kitchens can get, and capped with crown mouldings and decorative fluted pillars, the overall look generated is highly elegant. Combined with a warm, rustic, welcoming atmosphere this ensures the traditional real oak kitchen makes a stunning addition for the home.

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