Corian® Worktops

Corian® is a composite material, made from one-third resin and two-thirds natural mineral. It is an excellent choice for modern and contemporary kitchen designs, enhancing clean lines, and effecting a stylish and elegant look. Corian® worktops share many of the same qualities as quartz, including a non-porous surface which is stain proof and easy to clean. It is also extremely hygienic and as such is a frequent choice for sanitary sites such as hospitals, cafeterias and dental practices (this quality also makes Corian® a popular choice for homeowners with young children).

Bespoke curved Corian worktop
Bespoke curved Corian® worktop

Corian® Worktop Colours

Helping you achieve the exact look you want for your kitchen, Corian® is available in a range of over 100 beautiful colours. This includes the whitest of whites, or else for a bolder look, the brightest of bright tones. And with Corian® worktops the colour runs through the entirety of the material. This means it cannot wear away. It also means any accidental scratches can be sanded out and the Corian’s look fully and easily restored.

A small sample of Corian® colour options
A small sample of Corian® colour options

Corian® moulding

Whilst both quartz and Corian® can be cut, shaped and polished to suit requirement, Corian® also appeals because it can be moulded. This enables a seamless flow of the worktop’s colour and texture up the wall or into the sink. It also creates the appearance of a single, solid surface with indiscernible joins. Essentially, the possibility of moulding offers flexibility within design, and a worktop which can be tailored to your exact specification. At LWK Kitchens we have even produced moulded worktop curves within Corian.® This includes the largest curve our manufacturers have ever created within a residential space, and to which LWK Kitchens now own the rights to the moulding used.

100mm Corian kitchen island worktop
100mm Corian® kitchen island worktop

Flexibility of Design

Being able to customise your worktop to the specification you require is important to the designers at LWK Kitchens, and we will always contemplate the feasibility of every idea and request that our clients bring to us.

To speak to one of our designers about Corian worktops for your home or to ask any questions, please contact us.