Laminate Worktops

In either matt, gloss, textured or smooth finishes, laminate worktops have always proved a popular kitchen worktop option. This is largely because they offer an extensive choice of colours and finishes. This diversity ensures there are laminate options to suit both modern and traditional kitchen styles. Good quality laminates can also imitate the look and textures of materials such as wood, concrete and granite…but are lower in price.

Laminate Worktop Styles

Our German laminate worktops differ from many standard UK laminates; they differ on colour choice, and offer deep-set textures and non-repeat patterns for runs of up to 5m in length. Some of our laminate worktops have also been specifically designed to recreate the look and texture of surfaces not available in a solid finish. For example, Sandstone would be too soft and porous for use as a solid surface worktop, but the same look can be effected through a laminate worktop option.

We have different laminate worktop finishes available, entirely depending on the look you want to achieve. This includes laminate worktops as thin as 16mm; these are ideal for creating a contemporary kitchen look with clean and uncluttered lines.

Installation and Maintenance of Laminate Worktops

Another advantage of laminate worktops is they can be fitted immediately after installation of kitchen furniture, rather than waiting for the templating and fabricating that some other types of work surface require. And when it comes to maintenance, they are resistant to most stains and chemicals, and are easy to wipe clean with only a mild detergent. But they should not be exposed to heat or steam. Similarly, laminates should be protected with a chopping board rather than directly used as a cutting surface as they are not scratch resistant. For greater durability, if opting for a laminate worktop you should ensure a thicker, high-pressure option.

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