Porcelain Worktops

Porcelain has long been a popular option for bathrooms, but is now also much in demand for kitchen worktops. It proves an excellent choice for achieving a modern or contemporary kitchen design with clean lines and a sleek finish. And whilst the term porcelain is synonymous with a delicate fine china, (which you definitely wouldn’t want for your kitchen worktops) the materials used for porcelain worktops undergo an engineering process that makes them incredibly strong and durable. In fact, because of the firing process they undergo, some porcelain worktop materials are up to 30% stronger than granite. Combined with a heat, stain and moisture resistant surface finish this makes porcelain worktops easy to maintain. For cleaning, a cloth and warm water is usually all that’s needed.

Porcelain Worktop Materials

All porcelain worktop options are manufactured in large lightweight slabs. These slabs are available in larger sizes than natural stone, and allow worktops to be fitted in single pieces with no visible join. You can further enhance your kitchen’s look through a choice of porcelain colours and patterns, the latter of which often closely resemble marble or stone. Porcelain worktops are also available in a choice of matt or polished surface finishes, entirely dependent on the look you want to achieve.

LWK Kitchens supply three brands of porcelain worktop, which are Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec®.

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Dekton Porcelain worktop slabs
Dekton Porcelain worktop slabs